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Message From the President: What SLA NY Projects for 2011

Pamela Rollo, SLA-NY Chapter President 2011 |

SLA-NY created the blueprint for its 2011 activity with a huge strategic effort executed in 2010 under Leigh Hallingby’s leadership. One of the ways that we seek to execute those goals is to recruit more members to the Advisory Board’s new committee structure that we are building. We have built two super committees: Career Development and Programs & Events which now help to coordinate all the activities in the two most important services that SLA-NY provides to members. This committee structure does not replace any previous roles, but tries to help us “connect the dots” as we serve students, new professionals, mid-career members and experienced members. The committee structure will also provide more roles for members to influence the board’s decisions and also relieve the stress of only a few people pulling off a string of events.

Agnes Mattis has graciously accepted the chair of the Career Development Committee as it continues under Steve Essig’s leadership to offer our very popular Professional Development series enabling members to secure training on applications and databases. We also hope to expand training in topics of interest to aspiring and current managers. This committee will continue to experiment with providing formal instruction as we did this last October with our Introduction to Taxonomy course which was well received. If you would like to volunteer with the Career Development Committee, please contact Agnes at

The Program & Events Committee will continue to create programs of interest to the whole chapter but also will provide niche events for students and new professionals.

Members of these committees plan and launch events and there is enough planning, follow-up, funding and hosting to take on the interests of our members. This committee reports to the President–elect, Donna Severino, who can be reached at Hospitality still has room for more volunteers and Vida Cohen could certainly put more members to work. Please contact Vida at You will also notice our efforts to work more effectively with other professional associations such at LLAGNY and ARMA to provide more programming of interest to the greater community.

We are still looking for members who want to lead special interests group such as Business  Finance. New York Chapter has always had the right to create and support division interests within the Chapter. We would welcome a KM, taxonomy or any other interest group that members would like to form. Interest groups may create specific programs of interest to their niche group.

The New Year has already brought us a chapter visit from Cindy Romaine, our current SLA President and a book talk with Joseph P. Quinlan, author of The Last Economic Superpower: The Retreat of Globalization, the End of American Dominance, and What We Can Do About It and Professional Development has begun an instructional series with Westlaw.

The Leadership Summit in January featured the new template for chapter and division websites and New York Chapter has volunteered to be a beta site. The new template is from WordPress and we look forward to providing the chapter a new web presence in 2011. Our old web presence is still viable and we continue to have several programs and lunches available for members over the next 60 days, so do check it out.

I would also like to extend congratulations to our own Clara Cabrera who has been recognized by the association as a 2011 "Rising Star."

Suggestions for programs can be sent to Donna Severino. Any other comments or suggests can come to me Pam Rollo at

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