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  1. Message From the President: What SLA-NY Projects for 2011
    Pamela Rollo, SLA-NY Chapter President 2011 |
  2. Report on the 2010 LITA and Charleston Conferences
    Leigh Hallingby, SLA-NY Chapter Past-President 2011 |
  3. Making the Business Case for Taxonomy
    Seth Maislin, Senior Consulting Taxonomist | | Earley & Associates, Inc.
  4. Best of 2010: Tracking Down the Contents of the Port Authority Library
    Anthony W. Robins |
  5. Best of 2010: An Enforceable Code of Ethics: Why Archivists Should Be Demanding One
    Paul Morris |
  6. Best of 2010:  The American Numismatic Society Library
    Elizabeth Hahn | |
  7. Best of 2010:  Queering Artists' Books: A Queer Critical Analysis of Artists' Books
    Michael Carosone l
Chapter News reports on the upcoming activities of our many groups and committees, announces upcoming events, and highlights the extraordinary work being done by members of the New York Chapter of the Special Libraries Association.

As this is "for members, by members" we hope you’ll share your ideas for future stories and volunteer to write an article for an upcoming issue. Please contact Toby Lyles at to get involved. For our vendor members, numerous advertising opportunities are available. Please contact Happy Blitt for details.

The summer 2011 issue will be published June 20, 2011. Submissions are due May 20, 2011.

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