Business Law


  1. Are You From Osage?
    Leigh Hallingby, Tom Nielsen, and Rita Ormsby
  2. Content Management: Celebrating a Wedding, Applauding a Promotion, and Mourning a Loss—Database Style
    Tessa Blanchfield | Project Leader, Sales and Marketing, Leadership Directories
  3. The City of Brotherly Love Welcomes SLA 2011
    Lisa Chow | Scholarship Winner |
  4. A First Time SLA Conference Attendee Gets Future Ready
    Clara Cabrera | Scholarship Winner
  5. Learning About CI at SLA
    David Adler | Scholarship Winner |
  6. You’ve Been Served: Visiting the Legal Division's Executive Board
    Alyson Clabaugh | Scholarship Winner
  7. Focused on Becoming Future Ready in a New Career
    Kelly Amabile | Scholarship Winner |
  8. SLA Conference: A Source of Support and Inspiration
    Christina Meninger | Scholarship Winner |
Chapter News reports on the upcoming activities of our many groups and committees, announces upcoming events, and highlights the extraordinary work being done by members of the New York Chapter of the Special Libraries Association.

As this is "for members, by members" we hope you’ll share your ideas for future stories and volunteer to write an article for an upcoming issue. Please contact Toby Lyles at to get involved. For our vendor members, numerous advertising opportunities are available. Please contact Happy Blitt for details.

The Winter 2011 issue will be published December 12, 2011. Submissions are due November 4, 2011.

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